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Staffing Tips

Have you ever recruited someone for your business because they performed brilliantly in the interview, only to find that they weren't the right person after all?

Many of our Clients have had problems in the past when they have recruited people directly because their interviewing techniques have let them down. The problem is that, when you are interviewing someone for a key role in your business, it is very hard to stay objective and very easy to make an emotional choice based on factors such as appearance and how similar that person is to ourselves. Whilst these factors have a part to play, other factors such as skills and experience - the "ability to do the job"  - are critical and should be given a chance to show themselves at interview.

The important thing to do is to keep an open mind for as long as possible, so that the candidate's skills and experience have a chance to come to the fore, and there are several techniques that you can use to aid this process:

  1. Take a few minutes to have a chat before getting into the actual interview. Don't get carried away but a minute or so should be enough to get everyone feeling more relaxed  - and therefore more open.
  2. Use a structured interview. This way you can compare apples with apples, and you are more likely to ask the right questions - and get the right answers. Performance based questions such as "How did you do this?" and "What was the outcome?" help focus the response.
  3. Compare your first impressions again after 20-30 minutes. How have your perceptions changed?
  4. If you find yourself liking someone - ask them some tough questions!
  5. Talk about real work examples.
  6. Pretend that you are paying the candidate for their time - we all listen more carefully if we think we are paying for the advice!
  7. And lastly….have someone in the interview with you and compare notes afterwards.

These tips should help you make a more informed choice and lead to long-term gains for both you and your new employee!